Indiana Republican Party Celebrates Inaugural Diversity Series Class
Jul 23, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS - Over 300 friends and supporters of the Indiana Republican Party celebrated the graduation of the inaugural cohort of the Indiana Republican Party Diversity Leadership Series this afternoon. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Governor Eric Holcomb, and Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer spoke during the luncheon.

“Things like this just don’t happen. This is intentional. This is a partnership of Governor Holcomb, Chairman Hupfer, and everyone in this room. Expanding coalitions and growing our party has been a passion of mine since I became chair of the RNC. Not just to win votes, but to build authentic relationships and share our message with all communities,” said McDaniel.

The class of 15 graduates represents a wide range of backgrounds and communities across Indiana. The class includes members of law enforcement, military veterans, faith leaders, entrepreneurs and leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The inaugural graduates are:

  • Tiffanie Ditlevson (Hamilton County)
  • Vittorio D’Uva (Monroe County)
  • Cody Eckert (Putnam County)
  • Michael Garza (Adams County)
  • James Jackson (Marion County)
  • Sean Jointer (Marion County)
  • Paul Jones (Marion County)
  • Fletcher Kitchell (Marion County)
  • B.R. Lane (Lake County)
  • James Lewis III (Marion County)
  • Emery McClendon (Allen County)
  • Derrick Miller (Marion County)
  • Willie Miller (Lake County)
  • Christopher Mitchem (Marion County)
  • Tasha Phelps (Marion County)

Headshots and bios of each class member can be found by clicking here.

Pictures from today’s celebration are available on the Indiana Republican Party’s Facebook page.

“When I first heard of this program, I thought it was an awesome and courageous project. I’m encouraging my friends and colleagues to apply and participate in a future class. While this diversity leadership series is new, let’s make one thing clear: Indiana Republicans empowering minority communities isn’t new,” said Christopher Mitchem, a member of the graduating cohort.

The Indiana Republican Diversity Leadership Series is a seminar and leadership training program that provides the preparation and resources needed to increase the engagement of minority Republicans leaders in Indiana. The series involves monthly classes that covered topics including civic engagement, campaign management, strategic communications, fundraising, and state government. Several elected officials and political leaders presented to the cohort including Governor Eric Holcomb, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, and Senator Todd Young.

“We grow opportunity in Indiana. It’s all about addition and the future of our party is in this room. The future of our state is in this room. That future is in sharing our Republican message with communities that haven’t always heard from us and in building authentic relationships,” said Holcomb.

This series is the first of its kind among state Republican parties. The seminar is part of the Indiana Republican Party’s ongoing work to further develop and strengthen authentic relationships with minority communities.

“Our hope is that this is really a beginning. I hope this is the new beginning for this class and for our Indiana Republican Party. We share a message of unity, inclusion, and opportunity.” said Hupfer.

Applications for the next class of the Indiana Republican Diversity Leadership Series are open and interested applicants can apply by clicking here (scroll to bottom of page). The application deadline is November 10, 2021.