Governor Pence Makes Visit to Indiana Farm Bureau Spring Conference
Mar 10, 2014 Hoosier Ag Today

By Cayla McLeland

Governor Mike Pence made a special appearance at Indiana Farm Bureau’s Spring Conference in Indianapolis on Friday. In this current legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly has passed bills that are vital to agriculture,  such as trespass laws and farmers’ rights to the use of technology – items that have been supported strongly from IFB. The looming question: does the Governor plan to sign those bills?

“The priority of our administration has been to support those efforts that are going to create the kind of certainty in the agriculture community that will encourage investment and encourage more young people to seek careers in agriculture and I’m very encouraged by the progress we’ve made in this session of the General Assembly and look forward to good progress for Indiana agriculture before the gavel falls.”

A year ago, Pence delayed the imposition of higher taxes for farmers through the soil fertility bill. He offers an update on that piece of legislation.

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