Chairman Hupfer Statement on Biden Mandates
Sep 10, 2021

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer issued the following statement regarding Biden's proposed vaccine mandates:

"Joe Biden's authoritarian overreach is an admission of his own failures. Biden and his handlers inherited a robust economic recovery and a stellar vaccine rollout, so much so that President Biden even declared "independence" from COVID-19 just two months ago. Now he's gone from "shutting down the virus" to threatening to shut down businesses. He's gone from saying vaccines shouldn't be mandated to threatening to get elected officials who don't abide by his authoritarian power grab "out of the way."  Vaccines are safe, effective, and should be taken by everyone who is eligible, but mandating the vaccines and threatening businesses and elected officials if they don't comply with unconstitutional orders is not the way to unite this country and put COVID in the rear view mirror. Joe Biden has failed fundamental leadership tests at every turn. Americans deserve better."