Brooks: 2014 key to a new direction
Jan 23, 2014 The Herald Bulletin

By Ken de la Bastide

ALEXANDRIA — The importance of the 2014 election cycle in determining the future direction of the country is being stressed by U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks.

Brooks, R-5th District, met with the Madison County Tea Party on Wednesday in Beulah Park’s auditorium to discuss a variety of issues.

Brooks said many people serving in Congress care about doing the right thing, but have different philosophical approaches to accomplishing goals. She said it’s difficult for the two political parties to reach a common ground on many issues, including entitlement reform.

“The Republican Party wants smaller government; reduce the federal debt and have a balanced budget,” she said.

Brooks said Republicans are trying to determine how to get people off of food stamps and unemployment insurance and back to work.

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