Bob Courtney for Mayor of Madison

Mayor Bob Courtney is keeping Madison on the Move with his community-centered, data-driven, and transparent approach to governing.

A Quick Q&A

What accomplishment are you most proud of since taking office? 

My greatest accomplishments are economic development and neighborhood revitalization.  Since taking office I have continued to focus on three pillars:  public safety, economic opportunity, and quality of life. With the focus on the power of leveraging investments, we have attracted approximately $500 million in new investments across the city in manufacturing, healthcare, education, public infrastructure, new retail, and parks projects. This investment has helped us reverse a 50-year trend in population loss, eliminated blight, revitalized our neighborhoods, brought new housing stock online, and grew our economy, all at the same time. Not only have we made our community more prosperous, but we have introduced public art, new community safety initiatives, and grew tourism to almost 400,000 visitors a year. 

What are your biggest priorities for the city if reelected? 

Madison is a beautiful city and getting more beautiful with each investment. However, we have a deficit of housing options, poor infrastructure, and outdated policies. In my second term, we will elevate Madison's quality of life with new investments in parks, our riverfront, and streets and sidewalks. We will bring new solutions to the century old Crooked Creek watershed flash flooding problem, update and expand our stormwater network and policies, and modernize our zoning ordinances. It has been over a quarter century since the city had any major new housing development and we will reverse that trend as well and continue to make Madison the destination of the Midwest. 

What is your favorite thing about the city? 

The quality of life in Madison is fantastic. From our parks, riverfront, historic district, fabulous Main Street, shops and restaurants, as well as our emerging live music scene, there is always something to do and outdoor recreation is always just outside our doorstep.

Why should businesses and people want to move to your city? 

Businesses and people want to move here because Madison is a clean, safe, and beautiful community. It is centrally located between three major metropolitan areas: Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, has great public and private schools, lots to do, a thriving cultural arts district, excellent architecture, a 1.5 mile long river walk, lots of parks and park programming, and many community amenities for all ages. Our ideal location provides for an ample workforce of all skills and education levels for each of our growing industries. The city also has a great transportation network including rail, river, roads, and air. 

Describe your leadership style.

My leadership style is a people first, data-driven, solution-oriented style that engages other but not afraid to make a decision. As a CPA and career investment banker, I know how to attract capital through public-private partnerships and leveraging investments for maximum impact. I am a proven leader with the skills and experience to elevate Madison and lead it into the future. Madison is on the Move!

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